The IEEE Young Professionals in Space Boot Camp is designed to provide an overview of the spacecraft design process through a combination of theoretical and hands-on activities.

The sessions will begin with an overview of the design process, the spacecraft life cycle, and a high level overview of satellite subsystems. Then, spend some time going through some of the design considerations for different subsystems, while also trying to develop various hands-on prototypes to test the concepts using the CanSat satellite model.

The first day, participants will focus on the spacecraft’s computing and communications capabilities. We will assemble and test a Command and Data Handling subsystem connected to a radio transmitter to act as our Communications system. In parallel, we will setup our own Ground Station to send commands and receive telemetry from the spacecraft. Once assemble, we will program both components, test their capabilities, and evaluate their performance based on industry standards.

The second day will focus on understanding the spacecraft’s orbit and orientation in space. The participants will be treated to a couple of sessions on rockets, orbits, and attitude determination and control subsystems. Then, we will expand our CanSat prototype by adding sensors and actuators to represent our attitude determination and control capabilities. The second half of the day will focus on the Power and Thermal subsystems, their inter dependencies, and design considerations. This will lead into a discussion on redundancy while implementing a thermal subsystem and give participants a chance to develop different solutions to compare their benefits and drawbacks.

On the last day, we will focus on payloads, their design, and integration into the spacecraft. We will then return to the higher level discussions on types of testing, quality assurance, and preparations for launch. Finally, we will discuss the high level Concept of Operations that covers the full life cycle of the satellite from launch to its end-of-life.

Day 1:

  • Space Systems Overview
  • Intro to CanSat
  • Telemetry and telecommand Hands-on Activity

Day 2:

  • Intro to Rockets and Orbits
  • Attitude Determination and Control Hands-on Activity
  • Power and Thermal Subsystem Hands-on Activity

Day 3:

  • Payload Design
  • Environmental Testing
  • Concepts of Operations